Pili Ani Goes to Brunch with Celebrity Aesthetician Joshua Ross And Beauty Influencers

Pili Ani Goes to Brunch with Celebrity Aesthetician Joshua Ross And Beauty Influencers

Skin health, beauty and vegan cuisine converge in this lively luncheon hosted by Pili Ani

In attendance were lifestyle content creators and wellness aficionados such as Jordan White(@hautehouseflower), Melodie Perez (@diaryoftroubledskin), Olga Ferrera (@olgaferrera_ny), Wafaa Abdul Karim (@beautygypsy), Soo Kang (@browneyedtoast), Ellery Lee (@ellieisalwayshere), Greivy (@greivy), Katya Bychkova (@stylesprinter), Wendy Sy (@sy.wendy), and Melissa Vale (@melissadvale).

Turmeric tonics. Potted succulents. Dramatic views of the Brooklyn bridge over plant-based fare. An intimate luncheon with celebrity aesthetician Joshua Ross, beauty enthusiasts, and influencers revealed the countless skin benefits of PILI ANI’s iconic pili and elemi oils.

Held at vegan hotspot, Seeds & Weeds (located at the ultra-hip culinary destination Tin Building in New York), the event was a celebration of some of the most skin-loving powerhouse ingredients found in nature. Of course, one skin superfood stood out as the most restorative, healing and glow-boosting of all – the Pili nut. Ross extolled the many virtues of this nourishing component found in Pili Ani’s hero product – the Self-care Night Recovery Oil.

@“Pili Oil Is More Moisturizing Than Coconut, Jojoba and Rosehip Seed Oil”

Self-care Night Recovery Oil

“We love facial oils. Everybody’s using it,” says Ross. But he’s quick to point out that we don’t know the quality behind all these facial oils being sold in the market. “Pili Oil is more moisturizing than Coconut, Jojoba and Rosehip Seed Oil and really this is the only place you can get this. If you go online and try to find [quality] pili oil, good luck,” he quips.

Rich in vitamins A, E, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, pili oil is the natural active in the Pili Ani Self-care Night Recovery Oil. The bestselling night oil also benefits from 12 calming, rejuvenating botanicals such Elemi Oil, Calendula, Squalane and Philippine Jasmine (Sampaguita).

Harnessing the Longevity of Trees with Elemi Oil

In between bites of Chantilly cream-stuffed chocolate quince pudding, the ladies gushed over the velvety soft feel and relaxing aromas of the Gentle Facial Cleanser and Purifying Toner. “A lot of cleansers have a higher pH that opens up the acid mantle of the skin and removes all of the oil. This is going to maintain the skin’s microbiome,” comments Ross on the Elemi Oil- based cleanser with a 4.5 pH level. Derived from the sap of the Pili tree, Elemi Oil is not only a natural antiseptic but a fountain of youth. Unlocking firmer, brighter and acne-free skin, it’s like tapping into the secret of trees that thrive in some of the most unforgiving environments.

“When you think about it, they live for thousands and thousands of years exposed to some of the harshest elements on earth and they’re able to survive. Our skin exposed to a ton of elements [as well].”

The Deep Detox Difference

Although known for keeping up with the latest advancements and technological innovations in skincare working with TV stars or serving high profile clients, Ross is a proponent of natural, non-toxic treatments to maintain healthy skin from inside out.

“Personally, as an aesthetician, I stay away from clay masks in the offices because it’s really hard to remove them. They dry and strip the skin. This Deep Detox Volcanic Exfoliating Mask isn’t like that at all. This is super hydrating and helps regulate the oil without removing it.”

Deep Detox Volcanic Exfoliating Mask

When asked by one of the attendees if they can mask in the shower too, Ross responds with a resounding yes. “100% percent. I would apply it before getting in the shower and avoid getting your head wet for three to five minutes so you can do your body treatments. Then you can just remove it in some cold water,” he adds.

Skincare Hacks from the Pro

According to Ross, washcloths are great for exfoliating and cleaning the skin, instead of a loofah. “Personally I like to use a washcloth because it’s something you can use every day and just toss into the hamper,” he shares.

Another pro tip Ross revealed to the group is another method of applying the Gentle Facial Cleanser. “I apply it to dry skin, massaging it and then using water to remove it. I never use water with my cleanser because it basically rinses away all the beneficial ingredients.” For the aloe-vera infused Purifying Toner, Ross uses just his hands to seal in all the balancing, moisture-retaining goodness it has to offer. “I want those ingredients to stay in the skin,” he explains.