5 Beauty and Wellness Lessons We’ve Learned From Bretman Rock

5 Beauty and Wellness Lessons We’ve Learned From Bretman Rock

As a social media phenomenon with more than 18.5 million followers on Instagram alone, Bretman Rock has navigated his way around the filters and layers of a life in front of a lens. In his journey, he reveals with the PILI ANI team the beauty that lies in living authentically–without apologies.

Bretman Rock’s trajectory to social media success is measured not only in numbers. Sure, he’s amassed a fiercely loyal fanbase. He’s also been recognized by MTV, People’s Choice, Time Magazine, and Forbes for his contribution to pop culture. But more than that, it’s his sparkling energy, enthusiasm, wit and no-filters approach to creating content that forges a true connection between him and his followers.

As with every success story, this multi-media sensation’s journey hasn’t been all rainbows and glam. His recently launched autobiography, *You’re That Bitch: & Other Cute Lessons About Being Unapologetically Yourself,* tells of Bretman’s many struggles and anxieties. These life lessons have unlocked his inspiring attitude when it comes to health, wellness and maintaining a strong sense of self amidst all the noise.

During a recent trip to his motherland, the newly minted author connected with PILI ANI’S beauty ethos of loving the skin you’re in. He raved about how the brand was amplifying Filipino representation in the global beauty space. “Finally, a global Filipino beauty brand that represents us,” he said. “I love the Morena skin I’m in.”

We took our queue from the baddest on how to get that Bretman glow-from within and here’s what he had to say.

Always Take The Plunge

Photo courtesy of @bretmanrock

Bretman Rock’s 7AM mornings are always invigorated by ice cold baths. Beyond the fun commentary he shares while immersed in 42 degree water, taking ice baths help with inflammation and swelling. It has also been popular in fitness and wellness circles as a natural  relief for sore muscles and recovery. Plunging into the cold also sharpens mental focus and clarity while fortifying the immune system.

Working Out and Working It

Photo courtesy of @bretmanrock

Bretman Rock is a ball of energy. “I’m always on,” he enthuses despite a tight schedule of meet-and-greets and book tours. Apart from getting a full eight hours of sleep whenever able, he always carves out time to get active–hiking, pole dancing, fitness training. He’s even tried walking on stilts which was cardio and giggles combined. Staying active elevates mood and energy. It also helps keep the body in shape and brings out that healthy post sweat glow. For focus, calm and soothe anxiety, he also mentions Pili Ani’s Essential Oil Blends as his wellness constants.

The Baddest Bretman On Skin Detoxing

Rock may joke about a lot of things, but one thing he’s serious about is skincare. Whether it’s a speedy 10-minute makeup tutorial or a full-on transformation, he starts off with a jolt of cold water to his face then switches over to warm water to prep for his cleansing and moisturizing products. He also stresses the importance of hydrating lip care and drinking lots of water. During his busy book tour and in between partying in clubs, Rock uses the Pili Ani Deep Detox Volcanic Exfoliating Mask. He shares that it is his favorite skin rejuvenating product. At night, he also likes to pair his skin detox with the highly nourishing Pili Ani Self-care Night Recovery Oil.

Unapologetically True, Beautiful and Filipino

Deodorant Stains, birthmarks and blemishes are what make this beauty and wellness icon social media’s true superstar. Bretman Rock is a tall, refreshing drink to what has become a desert of heavily edited visuals that flood our social media feeds. He keeps it light and fun with lots of family, feather and fur baby time. But most of all, he stays true to who he is, what he loves, and what he stands for. As he wrapped up his book tour in the Philippines, Bretman Rock posted, “I’m literally in tears every morning that I’ve been here this week. I’m home and it will forever be HOME. Thank you for everything Philippines. You have changed my life forever.”