Cleanser and Toner Bundle

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Experience the ultimate in skincare with our unique Cleanser, featuring the antibacterial and skin-balancing Elemi Oil. This plant-based, low-pH formula ensures a deep clean without drying the skin, making it 100% cruelty-free. Take the first step towards your best skin. Follow up with PILI ANI's Purifying Toner, infused with aloe vera and Elemi Oil. This natural antibacterial agent tones without the sting, balancing and cleansing while preserving the skin's moisture barrier. For optimal results, incorporate it as the second step in your fuss-free skin preparation routine, following our Gentle Facial Cleanser.

Suitable for:

Skin Benefits:

▪ Cleanses and Moisturizes
▪ Minimizes Breakouts
▪ Keeps skin Hydrated
▪ Mild on skin with its low pH of 5.0 - 6.0
▪ Tones without the sting
▪ Soothes redness and inflammation with aloe vera
▪ Minimizes breakouts
▪ Keeps skin hydrated

▪ No SLS
▪ No Parabens
▪ No Harmful Ingredients
▪ 100% Natural
▪ Dermatologist-tested
▪ Formulated using Hypoallergenic Ingredients
▪ Fair Trade
▪ Cruelty-Free

▪ Elemi Oil: Extracted from the bark of the Pili Tree, Elemi Oil has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
▪ This multitasker reduces redness and irritation, and minimizes breakouts. It visibly firms, tones, and refines the surface of skin while improving the appearance of overall elasticity.

▪ Dispense two pumps onto your palm and apply on your damp face.
▪ Massage in circular motions all over your face and neck. ▪ Rinse thoroughly.

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