Why Is Everyone Turning To Facial Oils?

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Facial oils became a trend within the last few years, but what exactly are they and who can use them?

Firstly, face oils are for every skin type—yes even oily! To put it simply, oily skin types are oily due to an overproduction of sebum. This can be because your skin’s microbiome is messed up due to strong active ingredients, overly dry skin, or you just naturally produce a lot of oils. Your skin should be able to tell and turn off its oil production on its own, but in case your face doesn’t naturally regulate oil, a facial oil might actually help!

Facial oils have so many benefits but one of them is signaling to your skin that you already have oil on your face and therefore your sebaceous glands don’t have to work as hard to produce oil. That’s why we recommend you use them at night to hydrate, protect, and control oil for the next day.

Dry skin types will definitely benefit from incorporating facial oils into their routines or looking for products that include facial oils already. They’re a powerful and effective way to address dryness, and a lot of them are specially formatted to soothe and calm certain skin conditions!

There’s a facial oil for everyone, from sensitive to acne-prone. A lot of them contain antibacterial and healing properties, and when used in conjunction with other products, create a very effective skincare routine.

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