Thanksgiving Beauty Tips

photo of hand with a swatch of lotion

It’s so easy to get stressed out during the Thanksgiving holiday—so many things to get done in not a lot of time. But while you are taking care of everyone else during the Thanksgiving holiday, make sure that you take some time for yourself! As we get deeper into the holidays, it’s important that you continue to take care of yourself and that includes your skin. It’s easy to forget or just put off the simple things in our daily routine when we get busy, which is why we wanted to share a couple Thanksgiving Beauty Tips with you to keep them top of mind.

Beauty Tip #1: Moisturize.

Our number one beauty tip for Thanksgiving–moisturize!  Keeping the skin hydrated, especially during winter months, is crucial. The cold, dry air can zap skin of its moisture, drying it out and leaving it itchy, red, and irritated.

Our first recommendation is Pili Ani’s Ageless Concentrate.

a dropper of Pili Ani's Ageless Concentrate

Ageless Concentrate was created to nourish skin deep from within using Pili Oil concentrates that produce anti-aging and moisturizing benefits while relying on its Elemi Oil elements for its firming properties. This powerful combination nourishes, plumps, and hydrates your complexion for a natural glow. Just 2-3 drops of Ageless Concentrate on the face and neck after cleansing will give you a dreamy, dewy, healthy glow. Make sure to follow up with one of Pili Ani’s Moisturizing Creams for ultimate skin hydration.

Pili Ani’s Intense Hydrating Cream is our richest and most intensely hydrating facial cream. 

Pili Ani's Intense Hydrating Cream

Like a big drink of water for dehydrated, wrinkled skin, the Intense Hydrating Facial Cream moisturizes skin down to the deepest level, delivering long lasting hydration that keeps you moisturized all day. It starts with a foundation of Pili and Elemi Oils to hydrate, firm, and smooth the skin while other botanical extracts, like Beetroot extracts, help brighten and improve skin texture.

Beauty Tip #2: Exfoliate.

a swatch and pot of Pili Ani's Deep Detox Volcanic Exfoliating Mask

Another great Thanksgiving Beauty tip–exfoliate! It is important to remove dead skin cells to help make way for new skin to push its way to the top. Why not show your skin a little extra love this holiday with Pili Ani’s Deep Detox Volcanic Exfoliating Mask, a mini at-home spa treatment? In just 3-5 minutes, this mask not only removes dead skin, it gently clears clogged pores, and leaves your face visibly firmer after just one use. 

Pili Ani’s Deep Detox Volcanic Exfoliating Mask is formulated with harvested ash from the historical Mayon Volcano in the Bicol region of the Philippines. This ash is incredibly rare and can only be sourced after an eruption, which happens every five years. Infused with Pili and Elemi Oils, this exfoliating mask rejuvenates a dull complexion with results you can feel and see instantly. After your rejuvenating Exfoliating Mask, make sure to follow up with one of Pili Ani’s Moisturizing creams.

Beauty Tip #3: Get beauty sleep.

Part of taking care of yourself is making sure you are getting enough sleep which can become difficult during the holiday season. Beauty Tip #3 is to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep is important for overall wellness–it’s when our body is actually renewing and repairing itself, including the skin. The skin uses this time to heal itself from the day’s damage.

a 15ml and 40ml bottle of Pili Ani's Self-care Night Recovery Oil

To help enhance your Beauty Sleep, try Pili Ani’s Self-care Night Recovery Oil, a great product to use before bed
. It features a powerful blend of superstar ingredients to heal, repair, and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. Infused with Pili and Elemi Oils along with botanicals of natural ingredients like Philippine jasmine, evening primrose, and lavender, the Recovery Oil ignite the skin’s nightly repair process, healing, repairing, and rejuvenating skin while you sleep.

Deeply moisturizing, the oil boosts your skin’s hydration to prevent the moisture loss that typically happens overnight. Just 2-3 drops at night before you go to sleep and wake up to visibly, youthful and luminous skin in the morning. Getting your beauty sleep just got a whole lot more enjoyable.

This Thanksgiving, remember to take care of your skin and it will thank you with a healthy, youthful glow!