Rosalina Tan: Mother and Daughter Ushering In The Future Of Skincare (Global Woman)

Pili Ani founder Rosalina Tan
In this Q&A with Global Woman Magazine, Pili Ani co-founder Rosalina Tan talks about her vision for the company, its competitive advantage, and the next five years for the beauty & wellness brand. Here is an excerpt from her interview:

How do you define success in your company—by your values, by your mission statement, or by your vision?

Success is gaining the trust of the customers. The way to achieve this is to create a high-quality product with a lasting impression. One ought to think of the necessities driving the target consumer and manufacture products and services that tend to these needs. We understand that it is necessary to build products that are accessible to our customers and easy for them to use.

Through our uncompromised values of integrity against all odds, we drive a strong ethos that affects the customer positively. Achieving our mission of helping our Pili farmers through fair trade and sustainable sourcing is important. They stand in solidarity with us as our valued partners toward our vision to bring proudly-made health and wellness beauty lines [to] the global market.