3 Reasons You Should Include Facial Oil In Your Makeup Routine

hand holding a dropper with face oil

Yes, you read that right: facial oils just might be the holy grail item missing from your makeup mix. You may have this presumption that facial oil and makeup are two things that should never exist in a single sentence. We’re about to say something controversial–they’re actually great together. 

Let us explain—the reason you might not be so in love with the idea of incorporating oil in your routine is that you’re scared you’ll end up with a greasy, oily mess of a makeup look and nobody wants that. However, if you pick the right oil and use it right, it’s nothing short of life-changing.

Scroll below to see 3 reasons why we love using them for our everyday use:

  1. Facial oil can be used as a primer. Every pro in the beauty industry will tell you that laying your base down properly is an important step to making your makeup look good. Going straight to makeup can result in a cakey, uneven foundation, and everything you apply after that may look patchy and might slip and slide throughout the day. If you want something that double-hats as a moisturizer and primer, opt for a facial oil instead. Use something lightweight, like the Ageless Concentrate, that absorbs quickly into your skin and feels weightless under your makeup. It’s packed with Vitamins A and E from its Pili oil ingredient to keep your makeup look glowing and radiant.
  1. Facial oil helps your makeup stay in place. The way to prolong makeup besides using long-wearing beauty products is to prep your skin properly with skincare. A facial oil, can help tone and plump your skin while giving you a smooth canvas for your makeup. Use it as the last step of your skincare before applying sunscreen and makeup to keep everything in place. Just remember to have time intervals in between layering products to give it enough time to set.
  1. Facial oil balances the production of sebum. For all the oily gals out there, facial oils are not your enemy! They actually help balance your skin’s oil production and prevent your skin from getting too oily. Your best bet when trying facial oil is picking one that’s non-comedogenic especially if you have acne-prone skin. The Elemi oil in the Ageless Concentrate facial oil acts as a natural antibacterial ingredient that helps minimize breakouts. It also helps minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Go ahead and give facial oils a chance. It has all the potential to be your next best unexpected discovery!

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